Employee Benefits

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Green Campus

Our development campus is located at Erode which is located on the banks of the rivers Cauvery and Bhavani.  Our office is situated in a green environment which is bounded with trees.

As a responsible organization, we create value for customers, investors, and the environment. We must meet customer needs while, at the same time, treating the environment well. We follow eco friendly and energy saving activities for our future generations.


We provide nutritious lunch at a subsidized rate to all our employees.

Transport Facilities

We provide transport facilities to our employees for hassle-free transportation.

HR Development


We induct and train new employees in a manner that would make them familiar with their day today job and the colleagues with whom they will be working further.


We provide both technical and behavioral training to add more value to both - the employer and the employee. Employee competencies, at various levels are nurtured through several training sessions organized by our HR team.

We care

We do provide medical insurance of self and family to all the employees, depending on the grade they fall in.

URCI @ Work

As we love appreciating and rewarding excellency in work, we get about doing that by using the following:

• Welcome party
• Birthday Greetings
• Farewell party