We help our clients to run their business more competitively and  productively.

Our motto is to help our clients realize the benefit of our products in terms of value addition in their business, in as quick a time as possible and at competitive costs without any compromise on quality. To that effect, we offer our products and services in different modes. Licence [seat-module-feature specific] plus customisation [on time and material basis], along with AMC, is one such mode. Another mode is SaaS [software as a service]. While all our products are available on Licence Customisation mode, we are also preparing to offer them on SaaS model. In this mode, an organisation can avail our products/services at short notice with minimum preparatory time and comparatively lower cost. Right now, FFES is on this mode.

Our second service is in terms of consulting on strategic usage of ESS. Beginning from data analysis, ware housing to building business intelligence add-ons and deriving values there from, we help our clients in joint exploration and discovery of hidden costs, potential savings, quality improvements, all leading to profits and value.

Basic data preparation and supportive data migration all the way up to content cleansing and management can also be serviced.

Another area of our service has to do with: Information security, audit controls, compliance management, all the way up to planning and being prepared for disaster recovery and business continuity management. We help in building, re-designing, and retrofitting existing systems [or new ones] to assure acceptable levels of risks in managing highly automated on-line web-linked information systems.

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